Our bifurcated cables are perfect for routing of light to and from a sample, for illuminating one sample with two light sources, or for collecting light to be routed to multiple detectors. Our standard cable lengths are from 1-10 meter common legs, with 0.5 meter breakout legs.  They are terminated with high-quality proprietary Gulf Photonics SMA-905 connectors, and come standard with your choice of silicone monocoil or fully expanded stainless steel jacketing.

Our standard cables come with your choice of Broadband (200-2200nm) or UV/SR fiber (200-1100nm).  If you have a need in the Deep UV (190nm and below), contact us to learn more about our Enhanced Solarization Resistant (ESR) product line.  
Custom lengths, fiber types, # of furcations, connectors, and cable construction are also available, please inquire for more information and a quotation.

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