Gulf   Photonics   is   committed   to   delivering   top   quality,  US manufactured   optical   components   with   the   highest level   of  service   to   our   customers   around  the   world.


Gulf Photonics was founded in 2007 as a division of the Gulf Fiberoptics Group.  The goal was to expand the capabilities that Gulf had developed in the visible spectrum into the UV and NIR.  Since then, we have build a strong competency in the design, development and manufacture of cable assemblies that cover the full spectrum.

Gulf Photonics now participates in a number of key markets, including medical, space & defense, industrial controls, semiconductor and spectroscopy.  We excel at providing custom solutions for our customers' most difficult technical challenges.

Headquartered near Tampa, FL, the Gulf Fiberoptics Group employs more than 50 people and sells to customers around the world.  We proudly manufacture our assemblies in house, and have maintained strong vertical integration to provide our customers with competitive pricing and guaranteed quality.